Sue’s Story

Sue Beresford believes it’s important to know what you’re doing well in your life at the same time as looking at the obstacles preventing you from making choices and decisions that will work for you.

Sue is a registered Psychotherapist who has been providing counselling and therapy to people in the Auckland region for over 20 years. She is also part of Solara’s sensitive claims provider network, offering support to people who have experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse. Her clients range from teenagers through to older men and women.

“When I first talk to clients over the phone I provide them with a brief overview” says Sue. “We talk about therapy sessions, how long they might last for and how to cancel a session. We briefly talk about the ACC sensitive claims process and for many clients it’s such a relief to find that ACC covers the cost.” Sue also assesses whether there are any safety issues at the first session so plans can be put in place if required.

When people start therapy sessions, Sue’s first question is “what has bought you here now and what’s going on in your life?” Clients usually give a brief overview of their experience of sexual abuse or assault, how long ago it was and whether they knew the person. “At this stage, we don’t go into to much detail” says Sue.“

“As clients attend more sessions, we talk in more detail and about different kinds of therapy. Sessions are a two way process so clients can ask questions and check anything they want along the way.” She also believes it’s important clients are comfortable with their therapists. If not, they have options and may want to look for another therapist that suits them better.

Sue is very encouraging of people who may be reluctant to take the first step in asking for support. “It can be a scary thing for people. What I would suggest is to find out more about the process and what is involved. Have a chat to a therapist.”