Solora – the best choice for a network of support

Providing high-quality home and community support and sensitive-claim services across New Zealand.

We provide essential services under all Covid-19 alert levels.


Solora co-ordinates and delivers a range of high-quality health, rehabilitation and sensitive claims services tailored for New Zealanders across the country.

Our registered health professionals can talk with you and your whānau to understand your situation, the specific support services you need, and we make it easy for you to connect with our network of providers.

Being based in local communities around New Zealand, our team is experienced at working with people from different backgrounds and cultures, enabling you to enjoy quality of life and independence.

All our clients throughout New Zealand can have confidence that our providers have the ‘Solora stamp of approval’.    


Our unique name is inspired by the life giver, the sun (Sol) with the Māori word ora, meaning life, health and vitality, representing who we are and the services and outcomes that we deliver.    


Solora’s four values underpin everything we do, and our network providers are committed to these values when working with us.

Customer Focus – We treat our clients and customers as we would like to be treated.

Accountability – We own it, commit to it and deliver it.

Integrity – We are open, honest and transparent, and help others to be the same.

Respect – We celebrate our differences and treat others as equals.