About Us

Solora delivers tailored rehabilitation and homecare services in local communities.

Solora is proudly contracted by ACC to provide Home and Community Support Services and Sensitive Claim Services.

HealthCare NZ, our parent company, are New Zealand’s largest provider of home-based health, disability and rehabilitation services. They have been providing services to New Zealanders for nearly 30 years and currently support around 20,000 people.

Our Brand

Although Solora is a new brand, we have been around for a while. We were previously known as Medibank Health Solutions NZ and have been delivering telehealth services in New Zealand since 2000.

We became Solora in November 2015 and are very proud of our unique name. It is inspired by the life giver, the sun (Sol) with the Māori word ora, meaning life, health and vitality.

Our Vision and Values

We share HealthCare NZ’s vision and values which are:

  • to provide the best home and community-based health, disability and rehabilitation support in New Zealand
  • to value Dignity, Respect and Support in all that we do. This means we respect your rights, dignity and cultural beliefs, and respond to your individual needs, as well as those of your whanau.

Our People

Solora has a small team based in Wellington and some people working remotely from home across the country. The team is made up of Clinical Coordinators who are registered nurses and health services coordinators. Janet Harp, General Manager of Solora, leads the team.

The Solora team works closely with a well established network of healthcare providers across the country. Each provider has been delivering high-quality services in their communities for many years.

How to Access Our Services

We coordinate homecare and sensitive claims services for people who have been referred by ACC. All you need to do is tell ACC you have chosen Solora and we’ll give you a call.

Click here to see our directory of providers up and down the country.

Need Help?

We understand it can be challenging to find the right support. We’re here to help. Contact us anytime, 24 hours a day.

0800 725 705